This image suggests a woman keeping a secret. Law of attraction Magnifique Magazine was influenced by The Secret. This image forms the main branding image of Magnifique Magazine's Law of Attraction publication. It suggests a woman keeping a secret. Law of attraction Magnifique Magazine was influenced by The Secret.

Learn from the world’s best Law of Attraction mentors, some of whom were featured teachers in The Secret.

Discover HOW to Successfully Engage the Law of Attraction Step by Step!

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From the humble beginnings of being raised in a poor, dysfunctional family, Tony Robbins shares his challenges and disappointments along the way to reaching the pinnacle of his success.

He also reveals the incredible money machine that works while you sleep.

The Law of Attraction Opens Up a Whole New World Where Hope Springs to Life and the Result is the Manifestation of Your Dreams, Goals and a Pyramid of Amazing Accomplishments.

The 12 private steps of Magnifique Magazine's Law of Attraction step by step publication enable readers to engage the Law of Attraction to open up a whole new world, where hope springs to life.

Have you wondered why you haven’t achieved the dreams and goals you set for yourself and have you watched others around you realize their deepest desires? What do they know you do not? And are you asking yourself, “Why hasn’t it happened for me?” If you are – then we have a surprise for you. Because starting today, you will see an amazing transformation.

Magnifique Magazine is about applying the latest brain and thought re-training techniques that promise to help you successfully engage the Law of Attraction Step by Step. So it’s an Amazing Journey and it Begins Here, because you will learn HOW to achieve your most cherished desires. Step into a timeless adventure.

Brush off the old skin of your past and stop settling for mediocrity when you can begin to have what you want NOW! If you are sick and tired of the ordinary, humdrum of your life – THEN STOP, because there is more!

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Are you ready to make a commitment to change your circumstances right now? We have all heard of a book that changed a person’s life, where the person gained wealth, prestige and accomplished feats beyond their wildest imagination. This magazine is changing lives all over the world and every day more and more people find the missing link through Magnifique on HOW to attract the life they truly desire. Now, you can also discover it for yourself.

Magnifique Magazine gives you in-depth videos, articles and testimonials by prominent teachers who know first-hand the successful application of the Law of Attraction, how it influences their lives and will influence yours. Their guidance ensures your success, which until now escaped you.

Magnifique puts you in contact with the world’s best internationally recognized motivational leaders and mentors of our times, so you’re in good hands. Some were featured teachers in The Secret. We also highlight the work of some of the world’s former inspirational teachers who have since passed on.

You will learn how to remove the roadblocks and apply their teachings, so that you can begin to live your best life EVER! We are on a mission to open doors for you and your mission starts here.

If you know in your heart your dreams are worth it, then allow us to take you into a systematic step-by-step of learning HOW TO MANIFEST EVERYTHING YOUR HEART DESIRES, beginning with Step 1.

Your journey begins today – right here! Haven’t you waited long enough?

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If you’ve struggled to make the Law of Attraction work for you, or you’ve had no success with it at all, then you’re not alone. That’s why we’ve spent the last 10 years developing a systematic step-by-step process that teaches you HOW to successfully engage the Law of Attraction.

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The covers of the 12 private steps of Magnifique Magazine's Law of Attraction step by step subscription. Magnifique Magazine's Law of Attraction Subscription includes 12 private steps for engaging the Law of Attraction step by step, beginning with Step 1.

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Law of Attraction five star rating

“Saw The Secret a couple of years ago and it left a lasting impression with me. Magnifique Magazine goes a lot deeper than the movie. It’s worth following the steps. I’m already seeing things unfold for me better than before.”

ArmarageX from Australia

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