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If you’ve struggled to engage the Law of Attraction, or had no success with it at all, you’re not alone.

Most of us have desired to live the life of our dreams our entire lives. Prior to The Secret being released to the world, very few people pursued their dreams. Even fewer persevered to achieve them. Magnifique Magazine teaches HOW to be one of those who succeed.

The Publishing Editor has studied the Law of Attraction and other Universal Laws for in excess of ten years. As a result, the articles, testimonials, principles, and techniques in Magnifique Magazine are tried and tested. Many are by featured teachers and stars from “The Secret”, as well as other world-renowned Law of Attraction mentors like Tony Robbins.

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Are you ready to make a commitment to change your circumstances right now? Every day more and more people find the missing link through Magnifique Magazine on HOW to successfully engage the Law of Attraction. Now, you can discover it for yourself.

Magnifique recommends readers do the Law of Attraction Step by Step process in order, because each step builds upon the previous, beginning with Step One. If you find you struggle with a particular step, please go back and do the preceding step again.

STEP 1: Become aware of habitual negative thinking on a conscious and subconscious level, because this shift in awareness can help remove the blocks which have kept your dreams from manifesting.


Law of Attraction

“The Secret to my Success” by Dr Joe Vitale

A reader once asked Dr Joe “Was there one point in your life that was the turn around?”

Joe knew having an attitude that anything is possible is part of the answer. Also knowing the Law of Attraction and the idea that getting clear leads to preferred results. So, too, is always saying YES to life. And so is the idea of being ruthlessly honest about your desires. But those are mindsets he has developed over time. They did not answer the single event that changed his life.

In Dr Joe’s Step 1 Issue, he shares the one thing that changed his life that you also have access to, right now.


A friend of Dr Joe Vitale’s complained he was doing all the right things regarding the Law of Attraction, but life just threw rocks at him.

Dr Joe explained we are unconscious to the drivers in our mind that attract forces we blame for our circumstances. These negative circumstances are not fate. Joe shares when we encounter harder life experiences, it’s because often they’re intended to jolt us awake; to make the unconscious conscious.


If you know in your heart of hearts your dreams are worth it, then allow us to take you into a systematic step-by-step of learning HOW TO MANIFEST EVERYTHING YOUR HEART DESIRES.

Your journey begins today – right here! Haven’t you waited long enough?

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